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Our Story


For many  years my out of the box family has been fortunate enough to live a life creating and exploring art, music and much more with young and old alike.   I have enjoyed hosting creative classes and workshops out of our home studio locations. I have also been able to work with many amazing schools and nonprofit organizations teaching art.   This has been a dream come true on so many levels but I am so much more than just an art teacher. I continue to move forward not as a “Teacher” but as a facilitator of creativity, a collaborator, and  but one of many guides and partners in learning that a child will encounter in their lifetime journey.  I am continually growing in experience and knowledge right along with them.


 All along there has been  a dream seed of a “school” waiting to sprout.  This seedling of a school idea has been nurtured by every new student I  have encountered along the way and every parents trust in me. It has been watered by every tear of frustration and disappointment at  seemingly insurmountable setbacks and those ever precious tears of joy. Most importantly, it has been fertilized by every new discovery,  observation, and creation a child has made in my presence. It has been soaking up the sunshine of every child’s smile and hug. This dream has sometimes withered  and wilted during setbacks but also blooms boldly at times… seeding itself off to others. This seedling school dream has been transplanted to new locations and even been  tossed in with the compost for being too hard. But one truth I have found in life is that some of my strongest plants come straight from the compost pile. This dream is a resilient survivor always sprouting back up to the surface trying to take root somewhere.


We are beyond thrilled that The Muddy Schoolhouse is taking root and partnering with Be Life Farm this spring. Not only did we find the right soil, more importantly we found  the right people to help cultivate it into a thriving and nourishing reality. These are very exciting times, for now we have a home base on 35 acres of beautiful horse pastures, gardens, and trails through forested land at Be Life Farm.  From here we can host creative and mindful classes and workshops for children and adults.  We welcome these new connections with open arms and look forward to the new possibilities. We are honored to collaborate with Be Life Farm and know that taking root deeply here will let us reach our highest potential of growth…continual growth in love, connections, and knowledge. We will still be working with other schools and organizations and we will create and host  little satellite events.    Be Life Farm is the perfect site for this self directed seed to take root. I look forward to being able to facilitate more genuinely and to share the creative journey with the community at large.