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The Muddy Schoolhouse is the ever evolving schooling dream of  Laurel Herbert. For her this means that this adventure of growing a school  is a co-creation between us all.  We  as an eclectic  community of talented people passionate about creating  safe and collaborative educational spaces can come together to facilitate learning opportunities with children and adults alike.  We live by the motto “What catches the eye inspires the hand” and strive to share our creative spirit with the community at large.   With this at our core we believe that a good teacher – facilitator should be filled with:

*An inherent curiosity and sense of wonder

*A desire to share experiences and knowledge

*A passion for guiding children/people in their quest for knowledge

*A respect for the discoveries that every child/person makes no matter how small

It is our belief that curiosity is the starting point of learning.  This intense eagerness for knowledge doesn’t need to be boxed in.  Children are remarkably strong and competent beings and when given the chance can accomplish more than we know.  When we respect the leadership potential of children amazing things can and do happen.  Guiding a child to success at any given activity often depends on our own ability to be flexible.  It is our job as teachers to be well prepared and be tuned into the children’s feelings and be ready to veer in the direction that the groups curiosity leads rather than adhere strictly to a prescribed lesson plan.  Some activities are best if spontaneous. It is a good teachers job to provide the incentive to be curious by modeling and truly following our own paths and acting to create a reality from our ideas.  When we share our discoveries and help to teach our children how to actively and creatively share their own discoveries we strengthen our community.

Laurel Herbert:  Children’s Programming  Facilitator

 Laurel is a professional potter and fiber artist by trade and has been teaching creative arts programming independently for nearly 20 years.  She is an all around facilitator of creativity who loves working with children in nature through the arts. She lives by the motto “What Catches the Eye, Inspires the Hand”.  Laurel is a trained ALF (Agile Learning Facilitator) and loves to engage with children in intuitive and out of the box ways calling on her years of experience with teaching outreach programs and homeschooling her own children.   She has been actively engaging the community at large in alternative education initiatives for several years and is excited to join forces with Mary Miller Jordan of Be Life Farm.



Mary Miller Jordan:  Adult Workshop Facilitator



Mary specializes in ‘wellness programs’ where they partner with the animals on the farm to assist others in animal assisted mindfulness activities as the life long journey of ‘Self Uncovery’.  Mary also founded  the nonprofit called “I AM HERD” where horses help humans to ‘hear their own hearts’. Mary works with her herd of formerly wild Mustangs to help others uncover their authentic ‘Wild I AM’. Mary’s workshops are empowering and insightful and she is an excellent facilitator for bringing about a powerful self awareness of the personal journey we are all on.

Mark Herbert:  Musical Guest Facilitator